Y3KFITNESS is a mobile one-on-one personal-training program with sessions that are customized for every unique individual. We conveniently bring our Personal Trainers to our client’s desired location. Whether you want to stay home, go to your buildings gym, or work out at your favorite park; A Y3K Fitness Instructor will come to you!

Y3KFITNESS creates customized muscle confusion programs that generate an undulating path to strength gains in order to learn how important it is to vary exercise programs on the quest toward a toned or muscular body.Muscle Confusion is scientifically proven to be more effective in promoting long-term fitness and in boosting performance levels.

When it comes to muscle growth, you may easily reach the conclusion that muscles can be kind of lazy. When you workout, your muscles go through an adaptation period and will gradually grow, recruiting new muscles in order to handle the extra stress being put on them. However, when your muscles are exposed to the same amount of stress or intensity consistently, they get used to it and promptly stop making gains.

To overcome this plateau and destroy muscles’ attitude of smug complacency, Y3KFITNESS Trainers will prescribe a program of muscle confusion-that is, strategically mixing up the order of workouts, the amount of resistance, length of rest periods, intensity, and/ or other factors so no muscle group gets too familiar with similar movements. This strategy keeps the part of the brain that controls the muscles’ tiny strings engaged, which is an added benefit.

Y3KFITNESS aims to consistently train your body’s constant fluctuation needed in workout intensity as opposed to progressing
methodically through higher weight loads. Your customized workout plans will have you cycling through workout changes in order to give each and every muscle the right amount of attention.

Y3KFITNESS Personal Trainers will customize your intense regimens according to these principles. Our training sessions offer Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Endurance, Core Strengthening, Muscle Building and explosive routines in every customized workout, resulting in a long term fitness lifestyle.

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