Y3KFITNESS is more than just the average personal training session.We offer convenient fitness mobility, which means WE COME TO YOU! Never worry about inclement weather, wasting money on gas, searching for a place to park, open hours at the gym, crowds of people watching you, or working with under experienced personal trainers ever again! We stay true to our slogan when we say we “Take Fitness To The Next Level!” Our Y3K Fitness Trainers will create a customized workout and provide aid in meal planing that will fit your goals and keep your body stronger, longer!

Subscription Packages

Single Session - $150

According to Exercise Science research, the use of Calisthenics, a form of techniques used to increase body strength by using our own body weight for resistance, aids in both muscular and cardiovascular development for an extended period of time. Y3K Personal Trainers are specialized to train your body’s internal muscle development while giving you expert cardiovascular endurance to prolong future fatigue. See Our Concept Page For More Details.

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Our workout regime is specially designed, using various methods of Calisthenics, Resistance Training, and Muscle Confusion, which will generate the BEST RESULTS and give you a beautifully toned and defined physique. Our unique customized workout plans will promote Muscle Endurance for you to stay toned longer. Y3K FITNESS does NOT promote fad diets. Instead, we want you to enjoy your food without restrictions. At no extra cost, we offer the option to take our clients food shopping while working with their dietary restrictions and teach them healthy cooking techniques for a healthy living. Recipes may be suggested and included. Y3K FITNESS Guarantees a One Hour training session per visit. The First Training Session will take 1 hr and 30 minutes to complete a personal assessment to set up your goals to get started on your customized workout plan.

  • Any acquired equipment will be provided.
  • May we suggest scheduling sessions 2-5 days every week.
  • Training packages for couples are also offered.
  • We recommend consulting with your physician before starting any fitness program.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday: 5:30 AM – 11:00 PM Last Session at 10:00 PM

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